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Initial consultation and recommendations

Most of our stays involve a consultation with a doctor, who will assess your state of health, point out the possibilities and risks, and will clarify some of the points in the programme you have chosen. With therapeutic stays the client has an initial examination, a basic biochemical examination and ECG, after which the doctor will propose a treatment programme. The client is checked by the doctor every week.


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Consultation with a specialist

In stays which specialise in the locomotive apparatus you will be examined by a highlyexperienced specialist. He will go through a series of examinations which will help him to assess the condition of your locomotive apparatus, pinpoint afflicted areas, and suggest a structured system of remedial treatment which corresponds to the programme you have chosen.


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Examination for weight loss

A comprehensive laboratory examination, basic internal examination, BMI (Body Mass Index), analysis of body fat, muscle mass and water (BODYSTAT) and an ECG help the doctor to assess your state of health and if necessary adjust your weight-loss programme. During your stay you will be able to discuss your therapy with the doctor.



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Laboratory examination - screening

A wide range of laboratory examinations aimed at acquiring basic information about how the most important organs are working.


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ECG examination

The electrocardiograph is a device which records the electrical activity of the heart muscle. It is used to assess whether cardiac activity is normal or whether there is a risk of heart failure. It reveals acute or chronic damage to the heart muscle, particularly myocardial infarction.