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Peat Procedures

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Natural peat poultice

When used for natural poultices, theprocessed and heated peat is applied ina layer a few centimetres thick; it is spreadall over the relevant part of the body and leftin place for 20 minutes. As the peat is hotand left in place for some time, deep heatbuilds up, which loosens up the muscles,washes inflammatory waste products outof the tissues, boosts tissue regeneration,stabilises the nervous system, acts to fightinfection, and stimulates the metabolism.As it has a beneficial effect on the skinand hypodermis it is also used for cosmeticpurposes and for treating cellulite.


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Natural peat compress (sheath)

Peat sheaths are made of the same naturalmaterial as poultices, the difference being thatthey are made up of a layer of peat, which isplaced between 2 membranes. The membranewhich comes into contact with the skin ispermeable and allows the natural substancesto act on the surface of the body. A heatingelement is placed on the non-permeablemembrane to warm and perfuse the area. A peatcompress has an anti-inflammatory effect,boosts regeneration, improves the circulationof blood through the tissues, reduces pain andcramps, and has a cosmetic effect.


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Paraffin hand poultice

Here, paraffin is applied to the hand and wrist;it has a very beneficial effect on the smalljoints in the hand, the skin, and the bed of thenails. The hands are immersed into paraffinseveral times to form a warm film of paraffinon the skin. The hands are then wrapped ina cloth and left in a poultice. The applicationof paraffin poultices softens hard skin overthe knuckles, improves finger mobility andrelieves pain in the small joints of the hand;it also perfuses under the fingernails andimproves nail trophics.


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Rhassoul bath

An oriental steam spa bath which uses moistheat combined with the beneficial effects ofpeat. The magical surroundings of this originalspa create a truly intimate atmosphere. Beforegoing into the bath you will receive severaldifferent coloured pieces of peat which are tobe applied to different parts of the body. Thetemperature and humidity in the spa rise, andas soon as the surface of the body has warmedup you cover the appropriate parts with peat.After further heating we will lightly massagethe skin with the peat and will leave the peat inplace to act. At the end of the procedure a lightspray of water will remove the mud, and youcan then go and shower and dress in a cubicle.The Rhassoul bath regenerates, treats, andheals the skin. As the temperature is below50°C the spa can also be enjoyed by clientswith cardiac problems. It has a very beneficialeffect on psoriasis and skin allergies..

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The Soft Pack is a unique technique allowingthe client to wear a pack at an ambienttemperature of 37 °C, ensuring that thetherapeutic substances applied to the bodyhave the maximum effect. Various substanceswith different effects can be used for thepacks. The client is laid on the heated surfaceof the Soft Pack and a layer of therapeuticsubstances is applied to the skin. The client isthen wrapped up and gradually lowered intowater heated to 37 °C, while an impermeablefilm remains between the client’s body and thewater. The client thus “floats” in the optimalenvironment, made lighter by the warm water.This environment makes the most of theeffects of the therapeutic substances and theSoft Pack greatly benefits the nervous system,the cardiovascular system, and muscle tone.

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Dry carbonic bath

This is a full-body gas bath in which the clientis encased up to the chest or neck in a specialplastic pack filled with medicinal carbondioxide. The carbon dioxide, which is absorbedthrough the capillaries in the skin, acts todilate the blood vessels throughout the body.It improves blood supply to the brain, heart,and parenchymatous organs, lowers bloodpressure, and reduces swelling. As it greatlyimproves perfusion of the skin it reducescellulite and improves the appearance of scarson the skin. The bath has a beneficial effect onthe locomotive and nervous system, diabetes,and osteoporosis. It alleviates migraines andinsomnia, and positively enhances sexualactivity.