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Treatment using special techniques

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Lymfoven – mechanical lymph drainage

This device improves circulation in the lower half of the body. The client puts on a girdle which contains a number of chambers which are filled in sequence with air to create a wave of pressure and massage the fluids towards the heart. The procedure is performed with the client lying down, is pleasant, and helps to reduce cellulite. Increasing circulation in the tissues burns off fat.



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Starvac – mechanical lymph drainage

The Starvac is a device which greatly improves perfusion in the afflicted area. During the procedure we stimulate the metabolism and the flow of lymphs and the metabolised substances are successfully eliminated. The head of the device comprises two rollers between which folds of the skin are drawn by suction pressure. The gentle movements of the head direct the flow of lymphs towards the centre, while at the same time stimulating the perfusion of the area and boosting tissue metabolism. The collagen fibres firm up. This can be used to treat swelling and cellulite, to regenerate the skin of the body and face, as well as to firm up the bust, abdomen and buttocks..


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Hydro – Jet

A dry massage bath. A stream of water which massages the body through an elastic film, increases perfusion and eases muscular tension. It helps to improve the absorption of oxygen in the vascular bed, reduces the level of toxins in the muscles, and thus helps to speed up tissue regeneration. It increases 12 the elimination of endorphins and improves mental well-being, reduces blood pressure and has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system.


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Hydrocolon therapy

The hydrocolon (colon therapy) or intestinal shower is a modern and pleasant method of rinsing out the intestine. It is recommended for people with excretory disorders, to improve the overall regeneration of the body, to relieve fatigue, flatulence, allergies, joint pains, skin problems, parasites, obesity, lowered immunity, asthma, etc. This therapy must not be performed in cases of acute intestinal infection, tuberculosis, intestinal tumours, after operations on the intestine, and other illnesses at the discretion of the doctor.

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Lifting Soft Pack (Anti-ageing skin treatment)

A regenerative complex of substances is applied to the skin all over the body. Like with cellulite treatment the substance is gently massaged into the skin and its effect is enhanced by the special Soft Pack water bed the client is laid in. The warm water environment improves perfusion of the skin and creates the ideal conditions for the skin to absorb the regenerative complex.



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EXILIS – Ultrasound liposuction

This is currently the very latest technology for greatly reducing fatty tissue. This therapy is highly effective; changes can be seen after just the first session and good results are achieved after 4 treatments. The treatment reduces fatty tissue evenly over the body. This device combines ultrasound with highfrequency energy, which allows a beam to be directed very precisely into the deep layers of fatty tissue, where it breaks apart fat cells and releases the fat into the space between the cells. From each of these spaces the fat then drains off into the lymphatic bed. EXILIS acts safely and effectively on deep fatty tissue and has excellent results.